SSGC website hacked to avenge long CNG queues

Sui Southern Gas Company, SSGC website hacked was the latest incident among Dr. Freak and Xploiter’s recent hacking history. The SSGC website was hacked yesterday as a reply to the long queues of CNG consumers at the gas stations reported The Hackers Post.

Dr. Freak and Xploiter from the Pakbugs Group Pakbugs have already defaced Soneri BankHabib Bank LimitedAllied Bank LimitedMuslim Commercial Bank, Tameer Microfinance Bank websites in the recent past.

They have been on the spree to alarm the Pakistani IT departments to take measures to secure their websites before a more harmful group attacks. SSGC website hacked was later recovered Apparently, this tactic has at least worked for the hacked websites’ IT departments and they are now securer than before. 

It is not certain as to how many of the other companies have tightened security after the recurring incident of hacking.

Here is a screenshot of the hacked website.

Sui Northern Gas Company hacked

Hacked Site:

Mirror of the hacked Site:

The website is back up as of today.

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